Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wii and Wii Fit!

So yeah, I didn't want this thing, until I was over at my friends house and she got one, she was showing us everything it does and stuff, then hubby had to go to best buy and they had one on display to play with, we played for a few minutes and then I was on a mission to find one. We went to every electronic/game store in 2 towns that we could think of and of course every place was sold out! I decided to jump on e-bay and see if I could find a decient deal, I had a 10% off coupon to use up. I ended up getting the Wii for $284.60, ouch! they sell for $249.99 + tax in stores! and I got the Wii fit for $168.99!!! OUCH!!! those sell for 89.99 + tax in stores! OMG! that's a lot of money! but I was on a mission and I really wanted one, so I went for it. So now just gotta wait for it to come in the mail then start to have some fun!


Bonnie said...

This sucks.... my parents just got one to about a week ago!

Oh well, cna't have everything when you want it right? RIGHT????