Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Scrapping Area (Dining Room!)

Here is some pics I took of my little area I get to scrap in, it's also our dining room. I've been trying to keep it to a minimal because of where it is, but it just keeps growing and growing! The first one is the table, I get a corner to keep my stuff on, of course when I scrap, the entire thing is covered! The 2nd one is my "Junk" corner, the 3rd one is the right side of my wired cubes, the top cube holds half of my carts, and my primas, next shelf holds my completed or uncompleted pages, the next one down holds picture albums and a 3 ring binder where I keep all my stickers in proctive covers, makes it easy to flip threw and find what I'm looking for, and the bottom is my cardstock and my stacks. The next picture is the left side of my cubes, the top holds the other half of my carts and ribbon, next cube has little buckets of either ribbon or pens and my storage for brads/eyelets/etc, the next cube is photo boxes with more pictures and the bottom has magizines. Finally the last Picture is another shelf, I got this one from walmart for 10 bucks, the top holds my punches, a basket that I put different things in untill I can get them put away, and my cm pouch thingie, next shelf is my E which fits PERFECT! the next shelf, the orange tin holds all my stickles, the green lunchbox holds my clear stamps and then my cuttlebug, and finally the bottom shelf is just "junk". Thanks for looking! I can't wait to be able to have my own scrap room so I can expand!