Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alyssa is 7 Months old!

Well, yesterday Alyssa was 7 months old! Wow has time gone by so fast! She isn't feeling good again, she's been fevering off and on all day yesterday and so far today, her highest temp yesterday was 103! I almost took her in to the ER last night, but then the motrin kicked in. I'm going to be calling her Dr today and see if we can get in today or tomorrow to see her. I'm worried that she may have an ear infection, this is the exact thing that Devin did when he was a baby. It's only been a month since her last cold. She has been resting lots, but she is very clingy. I'm hoping I can take her 7 month pictures today while the motrin is kicked in, but we'll see, I may wait a few days so that she is more smiley.

Jade had a long weekend this last weekend so he is excited this morning to get back to school and see his friends. He keeps telling me he's going to tell Brody about his time at Grandma's this last weekend.

Devin hit 23 months yesterday, only 1 more month and my little guy is going to be 2! He's been feeling good, since we got the tubes in his ears, I think he has only gotten sick once with a cold.

We turned on our furnace Sunday, I called the light/water/gas company on Friday and got put on the budget plan so I'm not going to freeze this winter! Last year I wouldn't let the heat go up past 71 in here, which is plenty warm for most of us, but if anyone knows me well, they know that I get very cold in the winter, if I could have it 80 in here, I would! Isn't it funny how in the summer, we pay to keep our house cool, but in the winter, we pay to warm it up?!?!

Well, gotta get the kiddo's breakfast now and get Jade off to school. I hope everyone is enjoying all the Fall colors!