Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sears Pictues

Well, today we had pictures at Sears with all the cousin's/Grand kids, there are only 6 all together, but it was so much fun and the lady was so creative! We didn't do a Chrismtas theme because some members of our family don't celebrate that holiday so we just left it a general theme so that all can enjoy. We have Dustin (13) Jade (6) Adrea (5) Brooke (2) Devin (2) Alyssa (9 months)

The kids were suposed to be going back and forth in this one, but you know kids! This is what we got :) It's still adorable!

They call this one "The bird's eye view" It's fun, but the only thing is that someone is alyways going to be upside down, so it's hard to display.

I love this one, All the kids are smiling exept Alyssa, this was the first one they took and Alyssa started crying the second I put her down! Go figure!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Wow those pictures turned out awesome... very cute kids.