Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's New?

We had our team Christmas party at work on Friday, the person I had wasn't able to make it due to personal reasons, but she only lives a few blocks away from me so I delivered it to her myself. She had a blast opening all the smaller gifts and was happy with all the snowman things I had gotten for her. Then she started opening the candles, I had wraped them indvidually so they didn't scratch eachother, she opened the "Y" first and said "does this spell JOY?" She LOVED them! She seemed very happy with them which made me feel happy. It's so hard to buy things for people you really don't know.

As for scrapping, I've been working on a calander to give this year, I'm still not sure who I want to give it to yet, I'll probably decide last minute. I just finished up July last night, I will post all the pages when I'm completly done.

We are under a blizzard warning, I guess we are suposed to get up to 12 inches of snow! It's pretty warm out, well warmer than it has been, yesterday we hit 30* when last week, we were hitting -30*.

Well, I had better get to the kiddos, they are all at my feet telling me they are hungry! I hope everyone has a