Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cold season is here!

Well, the last 3 nights Alyssa has kept me up pretty much all night crabby and wants to be held, she was running a slight fever yesterday. Grampa was here today to watch her and Devin and he got her to sleep and she's been slepping now for 3 hours, which is well needed for her. Devin was running a temp yesterday too, he's been doing much better. Jade started caughing a few days ago and now today, he's all stuffy and sounds horrible. It's rainy and icky here today which doesn't help with anyone's mood. Shane and I have been feeling fine, just tired from having Alyssa keep us up all night. I got her 6 month pictures done the other day at sears, they turned out OK, this was the day before she was showing that she wasn't feeling well, so I'm guessing she didn't feel well that day either because she was not smiling for anything. I'm hoping to get some scrapping in this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE the first picture of her.... you have a little angel on your hands, try to hold on to her as long as you can!