Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade!

Here he is in front of his school

Jade and his teacher, Mrs. Daube

On our way!

Well, the day came and went. He was super excited to go see his old friends and meet new friends. We got to go the day before the full first day to meet his teacher and get all his stuff set up at his table. He had a great first day, he wanted me to come in with him which I was able to cause daddy had the day off so he was watching the babies. I got some cute pictures of him walking out to the van and into the school all the way to his classroom. I didn't cry this year, but of course sad to see my baby back in school. We kept Devin busy all day so he wasn't really affected by it, but today might be a different story. It'll take some getting used to for him.


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