Monday, September 29, 2008

I did some scrappin this weekend!

Well, I got to some scrappin this weekend thanks to the MB and SueGiddens, she posted these great cards with different layouts on them so I did a couple of them. You can see more about that here

This one is my DD when she was born, I think this is the final pictures I have of her in the hospital. No Cricut on this one, the primas are from Cafe Prima.

Here is my oldest DS, I brought him to Sears for his 6 year pictures/1st grade pictures because I hate the way the school ones turn out. I used Locker Talk for the "1st grade" and the Gradeschool stack for paper. The border around the picture is a border from Sears.

This is the other pose I choose from the Sears Pictures. No cricut here either. I used the Fall stack for the paper. Just basic, not too fancy, but sometimes that's nice too.

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